Industrie per l'irrigazione

Industrie per l'irrigazione


The quartzite filter FILTROQUARZ 1 is used for the first water filtration from rivers, canals, dams and lakes. It makes sure that very small particles such as algae, organic materials and microorganisms that cause severe blockages in drip irrigation systems, are intercepted. All filters are hot galvanized steel made and they are equipped with polypropylene drainage diffusers  with 0.5 mm slits. For a proper filtration system it is recommended to install at least 2 quartzite filters.


CONSTRUCTION SPECIFICATIONS – fquarzite filter; – hot-galvanized steel; – steel covers with central bolt.

STANDARD EQUIPMENT – 0.5 mm slotted PP diffusers – pressure gauge; – exhaust valve; – safety valve; – threaded connections; – manual of use and maintenance; – quartzite NOT included.

CE RULES: – designed and constructed in accordance with the EU directive “Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23” and it is marked by individual identification labeling.


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