Решения для ирригации

Решения для ирригации


The FILTROQUARZ2 is used for first filtering of waters coming from rivers, canals, dams, lakes and allows trapping very small particles like
algae, organic matters and micro-organisms causing serious clogging troubles to microirrigation systems. All Giunti double-chamber quartzite filters are made of hot galvanised steel and complete with draining outlets of polypropylene with openings of 0.5 mm.

The filter is complete with 4 inspection openings which allows inserting or removing quartzite easily. Hydraulic valves with high water flow
rate and control units with timer and pre-set differential pressure allow automating backflush operations. Backflushing shall be carried out to keep the pressure difference between filter inlet and outlet to a maximum value of 1.5 bar


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